Qui suis-je?

Nina, 31 ans et pas toutes mes dents (mais rassurez-vous, ça ne se voit pas!), Alsacienne d'adoption, metteuse de bazar professionnelle, collectionneuse compulsive de livres de cuisine, couturière à ses heures perdues, incurable crazy cat lady, amatrice de voyages, de jeux de société et d'escape game, de science-fiction, de thé et de bières, allergique au pollen et à la paperasse administrative, spécialiste en rêves bizarres, et j'en passe...

Ici, on cause principalement de bouffe (végane et de saison)! :D Mais à l'occasion, je vous montre aussi mes réalisations en couture et mes photos de voyage, et je vous parle de mes dernières lecture ou de zéro déchet. Bienvenue!

Contact :

Who am I?

Nina, 31 yo, living in Northeastern France. I work as an engineer but have several hobbies outside my work, and I blog about a few of them here : sewing, traveling, but mainly FOOOOOD!

When cooking, I am very much inspired by Asian flavours (from Vietnam, India, Thailand, Japan and sometimes Korea), but also by Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines, Tex-Mex food, and of course, vegetarian and vegan cuisines, whose creativity I admire! I first tried vegetarian food in high school and it was love at first bite! It was so flavourful, and I realised that I could very well cook most of my meals without meat. Today, I still eat some from time to time (as well with fish) but I try to source it from local producer, who raise their animals in the most decent conditions. Edit : I don't eat meat anymore starting from January, 2016, but I still (rarely) have fish (especially fish sauce). As for fruits and vegetables, I mostly buy local and seasonable product at the farmers market (and I don't really care whether they are grown organically, because I am convinced that small agriculture is not using all the harmful chemicals that can be found in intensive farming). Of course, nothing is either black or white in today's world, and I am by no means the perfect locavore: my organic sunflower seeds are grown in China and I buy coconut milk from Thailand, I love avocadoes, mangoes and pineaples, but I am trying my best to have a diet that is the as healthy as possible for me and our beautiful planet.

As a consequence, the recipes you'll see here will mostly be local and seasonable, vegetarian, or vegan, since I am trying to eat this type of food most of the time. I am convinced that a mostly plant based diet is what suits me the best, while respecting our planet (though between regular cheese, locally produced, and cashew cheese, made with nuts which, despite being organic, had to cross the seven seas to reach me, the first one is the most earth-friendly!) and the other living beings.

As for sewing, I have always made small clothes for my dolls or plush toys, and later pouch for all my mess craft supplies, but I was gifted my first sewing machine about two years ago. Since then, I plunged with delight into clothesmaking, I hoard fabric and patterns (but not finished projects...) and I am constantly thinking about my next make!

I like : 
- tea and beer (not mixed!)
- the colour green
- cats, pugs, shiba inus, goats and lamas (?)
- carrot cake and lemon meringue pie
- London Grammar <3
- thrift shoppping
- the shift of seasons
- coats and scarves (some girls have a million shoes. I have a million coats and scarves. Well, I also have many shoes...)
- chocolate with candied orange peel (ok, just chocolate is ok too)
- reading books, especially thrillers and fantasy/heroic fantasy ones. Oh and cookbooks too ;) 

I don't like : 
- coffee (excepted in tiramisu, duh!)
- the colour mauve/lilac/pale purple (don't know how is it called. I don't like it so obviously, I don't care!)
- jellyfishes
- buttercream icing on cupcakes
- geraniums (honestly, they are ugly and smell like potting soil, who really likes them?!)
- blood tests (like, really, I almost faint every time I get to make one)
- cheese, excepted a few ones (and red wine too. Pretty surprising for a French right?)
- swimming
- endives, parsnips and Brussel sprouts. And canned green beans, yukyukyuk.
- paperwork (say hello to the girl who almost didn't pay her taxes because she had NO IDEA she had to send a payment athorization...)

Contact : (be patient, I almost never check this email, see above but think "email" instead of "paperwork"... If you need a quick answer, better write me a coment on contact me on Instgram!)

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